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At Utility Software Services, we provide cutting edge technology embracing automation to give your utility retailer the flexibility for rapidly changing commercial and regulatory environments. Our solutions are customer-centric and are designed to provide speed to market and enhance revenue.


Our solutions are specifically designed for the operations of utility retailers, providing you with the platform to digitise your utility and move it to cloud-based hosting. This transformation will help to develop comprehensive self-service options; improving customer engagement through the provision of relevant, accurate and near-time data to stakeholders and customers anytime, anywhere.


Our suite of technologies is designed for your needs to ease the running of operations. They are developed to improve your retailer’s efficiency internally thanks to revenue assurance and network reconciliation capabilities; providing a cost-effective tool to meet governance and regulatory compliance.

Become an industry-leader in a highly competitive market. Utilise technologies that provide comprehensive analysis, reporting, and communication capabilities that are the best choice for achieving your unique business goals.

Equip your utility with the edge it needs to thrive Your one-stop shop for innovative, cost-effective, customisable utility software solutions.

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We are energy experts

We are a team of energy specialists who understand how to operate in the industry and navigate regulatory changes. We assist you to recognise what the changes are and how to best develop a strategy to navigate these changes. We are here to help you identify you cost to serve and provide support to reduce overheads, streamline operational functions and implement appropriate pricing models to best attract your ideal customers.

We’re there every step of the way

We are known for our ability to leverage our knowledge and expertise, mentoring, coaching and delivering for our clients’ needs. Our process management solutions allow companies to focus on their core business, while we take care of the rest.