Business Process Management

Business Process Management

Having an in-house team can lead to numerous inefficiencies in the operation process. There is a more cost-effective solution. Utility Software Services can offer back of house and front of house solutions for up to 50% less than running the service internally*. We also scale to fit your needs which means we can support you regardless of whether you are a start-up or an established energy provider. Choosing our Business Process Management services will allow you to pick the brains of experts who have decades of combined experience in the utility and energy industry.

We can completely run the front and back office functions of your business, minimising the need for infrastructure, training and office space while only paying for the resources if and when you need them. Using our software as a tool, our experienced team’s hours are efficiently utilised to generate maximum value for your business.

*based on publicly available information.

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Energy Consulting

Utility providers face many challenges in the energy industry, making it important to have that competitive edge. The energy market has many regulations which can be daunting to navigate. The trusted advisors at Utility Software Services are specialists when it comes to consulting energy retailers about managing their business.

This allows us to assist with three main areas:
> Understanding the impact of regulation changes, helping to identify what the changes are and how to best develop a strategy to navigate these changes
> Identifying cost savings from these changes
> Helping you with the simplification and management of your pricing

Our Energy Consultants understand how to take advantage of their client’s unique features and utilise them to achieve success. Our expert team recognises where you can further develop, to build you into a thriving competitor in the energy market. We teach our clients to analyse the market and improve customer satisfaction through reasonable pricing options, improved customer service and effective procedures.

Services provided:
> Market entry advisory
> Strategic consulting
> Rate structuring and planning
> Advisory on legal and regulatory documentation and reporting
> Changes to market regulations advisory
> Operational management consulting
> IT Services

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Transformation Services

For any business, it is necessary for survival to adopt the latest in innovation technology. It is imperative to develop a robust platform for your business to interact with its customer base. Effective technology solutions are important factors in building relationships with customers, with simple to use portal and billing programs being a key factor in customer satisfaction and retention.

The Utility Software Services IT team can create a customised technology strategy and operating model for your business to ensure you are up-to-date as an energy retailer, ultimately improving your bottom line. Our IT consultants have a wealth of knowledge regarding the end-to-end implementation; understanding the platforms appropriate for the energy industry. They provide services ranging from recommendations on the correct IT software, to how to properly utilise the technology to maximise your business’ output and customer satisfaction.

Our expert team can provide a wealth of knowledge in areas including:
> Introducing new technology platforms
> C&I billing
> NEMNET connectivity
> CRM and Sales tools

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Insights & Analytics

Energy businesses accumulate mountains of information about themselves and their customers. Using this data accurately can deliver greater insights into how you can retain your customers and how you can best focus on those of high value to your business. We all know that it is always better to retain customers rather than constantly trying to lure them from competitors, as it is more cost effective and ensures the longevity of your business.

All too often, energy retailers are sitting on a data analytic goldmine and don’t know it. Our experts trawl through your databases to recognise how you can best utilise your data to make informed decisions to further develop the right strategy for your business.

We analyse the data and deliver insights into your operations and customers that helps us to create the most cost effective strategy to retain and acquire customers. This service focuses on understanding the information to reduce churn and maximise customer satisfaction, delivering key data to help develop a tailored strategy to best operate and grow your business.

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Project Management

There is a real need for highly skilled and multi faceted utility experts to assist energy industry participants and new entrants in the evolving utility market. Planning and executing effective projects require a smart approach to the controls required for outcomes and overall success.

USS project services capability gives you access to a holistic range of skills and services that can be engaged in the manner that best suits your needs. Our expert consultants work with you to understand your business and technology objectives and provide effective project delivery with a single source of accountability, communication, and escalation. USS enable project success within your organisation with robust, proven project management methodology and services.

USS assists energy retailers in ongoing system and business process improvement works and key industry projects. Key fundamentals of the USS consulting stream are:
> Provide strategic oversight, project and change management, system delivery, and vendor management
> Technical and process audit, regulatory compliance, technical operational and governance
> Test management, strategies, user acceptance testing, user training, change management and support
> AEMO Market-System reconciliation and analysis, identification of revenue leakage and B2B process reviews
USS also aides new energy retailers establish their business operations, processes and ecosystems.
> Architectural landscape, infrastructure assessment and resource requirements
> Energy retail advisement and establishment, business requirements and specification development

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