SaaS Solutions

Our professionals will work with you to configure our solutions to meet your specific needs. We are agile and our aim is to be your partner in innovation allowing you to maximise on market opportunities.

We provide a superior suite of solutions that any energy retailer can utilise to optimise their operations. All interfaces are user-friendly and provide a comprehensive range of functions to ensure your business is operating optimally.

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Customer Information & Central Billing System Customer Information & Central Billing System

Core is our flagship solution, it is a cloud based single source application architecture where all components of retail operations are housed within an easy to use platform. Core is an all-encompassing Customer Information System that manages your business’ billing and payment systems.

Core is your central contact centre where all data is hosted in one place, allowing you to correspond with your clients to effectively communicate the balance of their accounts; manage any financial regulatory changes or accruals. Core has been built by industry experts providing detailed insights and reporting; empowering staff in Sales, Call Centres and Finance as they can take advantage of smart meter technology and Mobile Device Management (MDM) capabilities.

Core provides:
> Billing and payments functionality
> Contact centre correspondence
> Credit and hardship
> Allocation and accruals
> Meter data management

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Data Cleansing Software Data Cleansing Software

Energy businesses can accrue mountains of data. Our cleansing software, Validate, ensures your data is accurate, complete and up to date with all exceptions called out so they can be addressed. This data cleansing software integrates fully with any billing platform your company may be using, enabling you to read, integrate, mine, enrich and migrate your customer billing data for assessment.

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Organising and cleansing your data enables you to effectively gather vital information, which is critical to making informed business decisions. The insight that Validate provides helps you operate more efficiently, by reducing churn and costs to acquire customers. Validate helps your business to reach new heights and organise the chaos that is your data.

Utilising Validate’s powerful cleansing software, you can develop targeted, cost-effective strategies to more effectively meet your client’s and your business needs. Validate searches through records, typically organising unstructured data into understandable and normalised information. Our software looks for a consistency and provides an accurate and rich base to give anyone and any business the best possible strategies most suited to them and their needs.

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Customer Relationship Management System Customer Relationship Management System

A Customer Relationship Management System is pivotal to any business that is looking to manage and build a strong client base. Acquire is a specialised Customer Relationship Management solution that validates customer data. Acquire integrates directly into your billing system in a validated form, transferring accurate customer data from a third party expediting the acquisition process.

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Aquire has been specifically designed to provide a seamless transition from point of sale to invoicing facilitating the transfer of accurate information.

Our tailored sales pricing tool solution looks at the current bill, finds the right product to create the best marketing reports derived from daily analytics, and provides access to key marketing segments for future marketing campaigns.

Acquire also analyses customer usage to validate product selection, billing information and data validation control and accuracy mechanisms from the sales process to billing finalisation.

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Online Customer Portal Online Customer Portal

All energy providers need a digital strategy to be able to compete in today’s market. Zone is your end to end customer portal to help your clients manage their accounts, providing them with the tools to know how their usage is being utilised, their billing history and account information. Zone will not only improve a customer’s experience, but it will also minimise contact centre waiting times and costs.

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Energy market consumers have significantly matured recently and the requirement to provide access to their data has become manditory in order to truely compete. The Zone customer portal provides your clients access to their near time information and with its easy-to-use interface, provides energy businesses with a reduction on the volume and impact of inbound contact points.

Zone can convert any data you have available within your integrated systems to provide information to your customers, and be easily configured to provide a multitude of customer insights.

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Procurement and Offer Tendering Software Procurement and Offer Tendering Software

Energy broker procurement and tendering processes can be manual and arduous, with increasing complexity as the size of the tender grows. USS has built a scalable online framework with reporting and insights capabilities on the tendering process and underlying data. Compare is capable of managing all C&I retail energy tenders, and models all the major tendering permutations. This streamlines the creation and management of each tender and provides end to end fulfillment capability.

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Compare allows energy retailers to confirm customer details such as their load profile and shape, providing an accurate profile so they can make the appropriate bid for the tender. It allows for participant engagement via email and SMS notifications, which then generates a full respondent summary with a Letter of Intent.

Compare also allows energy retailers to benchmark their offerings against competitors to manage how competitive they are in the market, and monitor their opposition’s activity.

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